Consulting & Staffing Services

Each agency and office we work with is different, that is why we tailor our programs to meet the specific needs of our clients.  With the insurance industry constantly changing, our consultants are well-educated and possess the necessary experience in a changing climate to assist your agency through industry transitions.

Our consulting programs are unique.  With that said, we have a full-service staffing department that not only finds, screens, and places candidates, but also works closely with our consultants to provide career counseling, account manager/producer training, or even management training for those higher level positions. 

Some examples of our programs include:

Consulting Services:

  • Client Relationship Management Program
  • Client Relationship Referral Marketing Program‚Äč
  • Middle Management Training & Development Program
  • New Account Manager Training & Development Program
  • New Producer Sales Training & Development Program
  • Employee Incentive Development Program
  • Client Incentive Development Program

Staffing Services:

  • Full-Service Staffing Program
  • Staffing Retainer Programs
  • Resume Building for Candidates
  • Career Counseling for Candidates

If you are interested in obtaining more information about any of our programs, please direct all inquiries to:

A Full-Service Management Consulting and Staffing Agency

Innovative Management Solutions